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Partner Week or Two is Better Than One

In my never-ending quest keep class interesting, for both me and my students, I tried something new a couple of weeks ago.  We had partner week.

For warm up I pulled a student up in the front of class to be my partner (if there was an extra one to be had - an even number of students meant I was on my own).  We did a simple pattern like 4 toes together then I did two stamps and then my partner did two stamps.  The fun and interesting part is that it was all done on the fly.  I didn't go through which partner would do what part ahead of time other than some general guidelines:

1.  Sometimes you and your partner will tap together and then do separate parts (like I explained above).

2.  Sometimes you and your partner will do separate parts first and then tap together (I do step heel stamp, my partner does step heel stamp, and then together we do three step heels and a stamp).

3.  When reverse a pattern or switching to the left foot, the partner on the left (this was not me) would go…