Kids Love Games or Water is Wet

So for one of the studios I teach at today was their last summer class.  On special occasions like that I have some fun tap games I like to play.

"What step am I?" - I split the class into 2 teams and one person from each team steps forward.  I begin describing myself as if I were a tap step (often using non-related tap descriptions) and the first person to figure out what step it is and do it gets a point for their team.  For instance I might say - "You might find me on an envelope." The first person to do a stamp gets a point for their team.

"Guess by sound" - I make all the kids turn away from me and close their eyes.  While their eyes are closed I do a step like Buffalo.  Then they all turn around and each student tells me what step they think I did based upon the sound of it.  If they guess correctly they remain in the game if they guess wrong they're out.  If everyone guesses wrong we do the step again.  Also, if some people are out and the rest of the people still in all guess wrong on a step 3 times in a row, the people who are out get to come back in.

What games do you play?

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  1. Hello!! I also play with my kids in class, sometimes I divide the group in two, then I pick one line of a song and sing it, each team must agree on a secuence of tap steps that could "sing that song". This works for developing impro and creative skills along with timing with the syllables of the lyrics. Then me or them choose the combination they think fits the best.:P

  2. Great game! I'll have to give it a try and see how it goes.


  3. When teaching kids over about 5 we do an improve game in a circle. Each student gets one count of eight to dance alone. They are allowed to do whatever they want.They have the option of clapping if they are nervous. Over the course of the year everyone is dancing. The kids feel great showing off in front of the class, and get to see some of the advanced sounds the teachers can make. At the end, everyone dances at the same time for a count of 8, and that's just tons of fun

  4. Awesome!!
    I want to share Panic Tap. It is a simple tap game with plenty of entertainment for all. You can play free on your smartwatch.


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