Welcome tap dance teachers!  My name is Rod Howell and I've been teaching tap for a little over twenty years.  I started assisting at about age 12 and began teaching at age 14.  Teaching tap dance is what I do.  Day after day I'm in the studio either creating routines or teaching students how to shuffle.  It's an interesting and challenging career to say the least!

I was fortunate to receive excellent training from Gregg Russell and I wanted a way to give others a little bit of what I received.  I decided to do this through a website at http://www.unitedtaps.com.  There you'll find a free tap dance video dictionary and syllabus, free online lessons, as well many other resources.  It has taken me years of work to create, and I do all the work myself so I hope you enjoy it.

From here on out this blog will serve as a forum for me to share my thoughts on teaching tap dance.  I'll share the good and the bad and any great new ideas I come up with.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll return again soon.

Rod Howell


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